UglyDolls wants even more plush toys ahead of their movie

UglyDolls wants even more plush toys ahead of its movieUglyDolls are among the characters which did the opposite. First they were popular toys and now they are getting a movie. But they also want more toys now.

The master toy line comes from Hasbro and now UglyDolls wants to expand with more licenses, ToyNews reported. Whitehouse Leisure for example will now develop new plush toys for the brand.

CPLG, White Space Entertainment, Centum Publishing and C&M Licensing are all also joining. Row Lowe and Rainbow Productions is also on the list of new partners.

All of those companies will create a huge portfolio of plush toys, toys and other accessories. They will make books, costumes, even socks. Sambro will make stationary items, arts and crafts and more.

Most of the items will be for the UK and European markets. “We have received an amazing response to UglyDolls from both licensees and retailers across Europe,” said Steve Manners, EVP of CPLG. “We are working with best-in-class licensees who are developing some exciting product ranges that will bring the UglyDolls characters and the brand message to life.”

The UglyDolls characters have been around since 2006. They will get their first movie, aptly named simply UglyDolls, on May 3, 2019. Hulu is also going to offer a 26-episode animated series with the characters. So, it will be quite the year for UglyDolls fans.