Ugly Dolls plush toys will get their own animated movie

Ugly Dolls plush toys will get their own animated movieUgly Dolls plush toys are quite popular in pop culture. So popular, they are actually going to get their own animated movie in 2019.

The firm behind Ugly Dolls, Pretty Ugly, is planning an animated movie for its pop culture characters. It should be ready by May 2019, ToyNews reports.

The movie will launch the company’s new project – STX Entertainment. The firm is behind the Ugly Dolls short movies which are based on the toy line. It will get a new family and animated division.

The Ugly Dolls movie has been in the planning for a long time. Even so, the company is keeping the details about the movie a secret.

What we know is that Robert Rodriguez will be the director. He has already worked on movies like Sin City and also From Dusk Till Dawn.

Ugly Dolls were created by David Horvath. They are quite popular in Asia and are slowly making their way towards the Western markets. The movie would play a big role in achieving that goal. Hopefully, there will be more details soon.