Ugly Dolls gets its own animated movie

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Ugly Dolls gets its own animated movieThe popular Ugly Dolls toys are taking a page out of Toy Story. They now have their own animated movie after doing so many cameos over the years.

The Ugly Dolls movie is 87 minutes long which makes it relatively short for the current trend of 2 hour long movies. It still aims to bring a lot of fun in a story written by 4 people.

Among them is the writer of Spy Kids Robert Rodriguez. Voicing the main characters are Kelly Clarkson and Nick Jonas.

The story focuses on Moxy a “square peg locked in a round-hole town”. Moxy wants to get out of Uglyville and waits for the day to be chosen by a child. Meanwhile the rest of Uglyville is having a party.

Moxy then decides not to wait anymore and instead find a kid. Aiding her are her friends and ends up at the Institute of Perfection. As you can expect, a lot of challenges and adventures happen and the outcome? Well, you have to watch the movie to see what happens.