UCHealth Hospital treats more than 800 stuffed animals in a single day

UCHealth Hospital treats more than 800 stuffed animals in a single day
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Christiaan Triebert

The UCHealth Poudre Vallery Hospital held a Teddy Bear Hospital during the weekend. More than 2000 people came and more than 800 stuffed animals got treatment.

The Teddy Bear Hospital examined stuffed animals and dolls in need of some TLC. The main goal of the event? To show children it’s not that scary to go to the doctor.

Plus, the hospital combined the event with the launch of its new emergency department. It’s part of a nearly $100 million expansion which will open by the end of the month, the Coloradoan reports.

So, children were able to bring their stuffed animals for a check up. Doctors examined the stuffies, carried out the needed repairs and gave the toys discharge instructions.

In short, the stuffed animals experienced what happens when you go to the doctor or the ER. It was to show kids it’s not that scary and it is important for their health.

Kids also got the chance to check out in detail the ambulances, a fire truck and even the special therapy dogs that work at the UCHealth. The hospital expansion also features a new three-story building, a new orthopedics unit, laboratory, pharmacy and even a rooftop helipad.