Ty shows off new Teeny plushies for the US presidential elections

Ty shows off new Teeny plushies for the US presidential electionsNow here’s something you don’t see everyday. The creator of the Beanie Babies Ty showed off new Teeny Tys plushies for the US presidential elections.

Ty wants to mark the US presidential campaign in a cuter way. So the company is adding two new stuffed animals to its line.

They are the symbols of the two parties. Meet the Republican elephant and the Democratic donkey in they new, and much cuter form – the Teeny Tys.

Teeny Tys for big moments

Both toys are a limited edition. This means they will only be available for a certain amount of time. Sales start from September and each toy will cost a modest $3.99.

Both symbols have been redesigned to look cute and cuddly. They are dressed in the US flag. They even have the US flag in their eyes and ears. And they also have some of the signature details of each nominee. But their main goal is not to make you root for a certain candidate, but to encourage people to vote and mark the historic event.

“Americans of all ages can make their choice for president in more than one way this election season with our special edition Teeny Tys. We hope these latest additions to the Beanie Babies family will bring laughter and joy to Americans of all political stripes and remind citizens of their duty to vote this fall”, said Warner.

So get ready to mark the historic moment. These Teeny tys will be there with you. Also, they are a great addition to any Beanie Baby collection.