Two toy-related events marked the weekend in Albany

Two toy-related events marked the weekend in Albany
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Christiaan Triebert

Toys are immensely popular. If you needed any proof for that, how about that there were two toy-related events this weekend in Albany. Yes, two!

The first event was the Albany Comic Con and Toy Show. It was underway this weekend and gathered thousands of toys and collectors at the same place, CBS6 Albany reported.

Both dealers and collectors showed off their best toy and comics collections. One of the greatest joys in collecting is sharing the passion. So, people were quite happy to be able to do so at the toy show.

Dealers held a fundraiser for the family of a local comic store owner who passed away a few months ago. They say Darren from Comic Depot in Saratoga Springs was a big part of the show each year, and they want to support his children now. Thus, the event showed the best sides of the hobby and the community around it.

And Saturday offered yet another toy-related event. It was the annual Teddy Bear Hospital at the Albany Medical Center. Children could bring their favorite stuffed animals for a medical check-up.

Medical students performed the checks and talked to the stuffies’ owners. The goal of the event is as on other Teddy Bear Clinics – to familiarize children with the process of medical check-ups. This is so they won’t be scared when it’s their turn to go to the doctor.

Plus, it’s also a great chance for doctors to teach kids about general health, healthy foods and more. And there you have it. Two great toy-related events over the weekend just in Albany. It shows how much toy can help the community and also bring some joy to everyone.