Two Teddy Bear Clinics will be held this Sunday in California and Connecticut

Two Teddy Bear Clinics will be held this Sunday in California and Connecticut
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Christiaan Triebert

Teddy Bear Clinic events continue to rise in popularity. This week there will be two such events on Sunday. One will be in California and one in Connecticut.

This weekend, the Fox Terrier Club of Northern California will be repairing and cleaning the stuffed animals, squeaky toys and blankies of area dogs at their FTCNC Stuffed Dog Toy Surgical Clinic.

The club is inviting children of all ages to bring along a stuffed animal they need repairing. The clinic will be able to do examinations of the stuffed animal and will be able to recommend special cleaning or repair.

The specialists at the FTCNC Stuffed Dog Toy Surgical Clinic will also be able to carry out the needed manipulations. This includes cleaning and bigger repairs like stuffing replacement, changing of squeaky, putting bandages on and so on. The stuffed patient will receive a hospital bracelet and discharge papers when everything is ready.

While the procedures are carried out, the owners of stuffed animals will be able to learn about the latest news and information regarding responsible dog ownership as part of the American Kennel Club’s Responsible Dog Ownership Day. Wag Hotel staff, trainers, and groomers will also be there to provide complimentary nail trimming, dental and ear care demonstrations. They will be able to answer questions and provide tours.

The event is free, but donations for the Fox Terrier Rescue will be accepted. The FTCNC Stuffed Dog Toy Surgical Clinic will be held at Wag Hotel in Oakland, California on May 14th 2016, starting at 11 AM.

Also on Sunday, at the AFC Urgent Care Norwalk in Connecticut, there will be a Ted E. Bear Urgent Care event. It will start from 10 AM. There also children of all ages are invited to bring along a teddy bear or a stuffed animal. Special “teddy bear clinicians” will be on hand to treat the bumps, lumps and bruises.

This is a more classic Teddy Bear Clinic event where doctors will be on hand to provide additional health tips. They will also show kids going to the doctor is not that scary.