Twirlywoos and Hey Duggee plush toys hit the stores earlier

Hey Duggee Squirrel Club Playset
Image credit: Golden Bear

The lines of Twirlywoos and Hey Duggee plush toys are hitting the stores earlier due to unprecedented consumer demand, the company Golden Bear has announced.

Twirlywoos and Hey Duggee will be based on the TV series that airs on CBeebies. The two lines will feature plush toy versions of the popular characters. For example the Twirlywoos range includes Great BigHoo, Toodloo, Chickedy, Chick and Peekaboo.

The Hey Duggee line will have several characters and talking Squirrel Club Soft Toys. The Woof Woof Duggee Soft Toy will have push-activated badge icons to have the toy sing the show’s theme song or say various phrases from it.

The toys will be about 25 cm high, although of course they can vary for the standard version. There will also be a small version. Prices will be ranging from 5.99 British pounds to 19.99 pounds. There will also be one Hey Duggee Squirrel Club Playset for 19.99 (pictured at the top). It features toy box, easel, table chest, work desk and Duggee figurine.

Twirlywoos Talking Toodloo
Image credit: Golden Bear

The original idea was for the lines to be launched later this year. But the company has seen an unexpected high demand and decided to bring up the schedule, ToyNews-Online reports. This means the toys will be out in the stores by the end of this month.

You will know exactly when that happens as thete is expected to be a big PR campaign and lots of online social media activity. The TV campaign is expected to last at least a full year.

“Consumer response to both of these new series has been phenomenal. The unique characterisation and programme development led by Anne Wood in Twirlywoos and the groundswell of interest from parents in Hey Duggee has prompted us to bring forward all activity around both launches to bring toys into the market earlier, capitalising on the growing audience figures,” says Barry Hughes, commercial director at Golden Bear. So get ready, the new Twirlywoos and Hey Dugge plush toys are almost here.