Tsum Tsum stuffed animals become a big hit

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Tsum Tsum stuffed animals become a big hitTsum Tsum stuffed animals have become a big hit with more than two million sales in the first year alone. Now the funky plush animals are aiming even higher

Posh Paws, the company behind the small cuddly stuffed toys, is now planning even more ambitious goals. One of them is the creation and releasing of new lines of Tsum Tsum stuffed animals each and every month, ToyNews reports.

Tsum Tsum stuffies come from the Disney characters. They have become a big trend among fans of stuffies and Disney characters. According to the company though, the toy craze is still forming. It is expecting that it will grow to new heights along this year.

While Posh Paws have already reached record sales, thanks to the Tsum Tsums, it is already preparing for more. The cute characters after all bring together famous and beloved characters from many popular Disney movies and stories. Among them are The Jungle Book, Lion King and Monster Inc. According to Posh Paws, the range has been a popular choice across the age ranges among specialist retailers, grocers and independent retailers.

Now each month the company is releasing a new series of Tsum Tsums. New lines will often coincide with new Disney animated movies including Zootropolis, The Jungle Book, Finding Dory and Moana.

“The consumer demand for the Tsum Tsum brand has been truly phenomenal,” said Lauren Shipman, brand manager at Posh Paws. “We have had great feedback from both retailers and consumers on this product and we are endeavoring to ensure stock is available to all retailers. We are already working on our roadmap of character releases for 2017 and there is lots of exciting collections in the pipeline. We strongly believe that this is only the beginning of the Tsum Tsum craze.”

Good that the Tsum Tsums are able to stack one on top of the other. This means you will be able to store them easier if you are among their biggest fans. It seems you will have quite a lot of characters to enjoy.