TSA won’t allow giant stuffed animals as carry-ons on flights

TSA won't allow giant stuffed animals as carry-ons on flightsHere’s something to note if you plan on travelling with a giant stuffed animal. The TSA might not allow the toy on the flight as a carry-on luggage.

Popular YouTuber Jake Paul tried to bring a giant teddy bear on the plane. It turned out though, the TSA doesn’t like that.

The agency posted a warning on Instagram with a picture of the sad teddy bear which was left behind. The reason? Paul hadn’t checked with his airline if bringing on an overly large item is OK.

So, the TSA played it safe and didn’t allow the teddy bear to go on board. Of course, Paul could simply check it as luggage but that would probably carry additional fees. The airline actually suggested that and refunded the ticket for the teddy bear.

In the end, the 9-foot tall teddy bear stayed at the airport. The TSA warns passengers to first check with their airlines if they allow such big carry-ons.

Even so, there’s still no guarantee the TSA at the given airport will allow the toy. The reason is simple – it may be too big to go through the normal screening. So, even if you purchase a separate ticket for the toy, it may still not make it on the plane.

Click on the link in our profile to read a blog post on this subject. ***UPDATE*** After watching a YouTube video posted by the traveler, we’ve learned that he’s a popular YouTuber and this was a stunt to see if he could get the giant bear on the plane. He even made up a backstory that the bear was a gift for his girlfriend. The bear did not belong to a child. The passenger had actually bought a ticket for the bear. After the airline and TSA decided the bear was too large, the airline offered to refund the ticket and the traveler was given the option of checking the bear as checked baggage. The traveler opted not to check the bear and left it behind.*** Why does this gigantic teddy bear look so sad? He was abandoned by his owners at LAX after the airline and TSA determined that he was just too big to be screened as a carry-on and taken on the plane. It’s a good idea to check with your airline prior to traveling with overly large items as cary-ons. If you see this wayward bear strolling the streets of LA, please feel free to feed him. #TSATravelTips

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So, there you have it. It’s better to simply check a giant teddy bear as luggage or at least call the airport beforehand and ask about the options of transporting it.