Treatment-resistant super lice found in 25 states

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Treatment-resistant super lice found in 25 statesTreatment-resistant mutant hear lice, which is popular by the name super lice, has been found in 25 states. Here’s what to do for best protection against it.

The super lice has been found by researchers at Southern Illinois University who found that the mutant lice is resistant to most over-the-counter treatments. This means people with head lice from these states should go to their doctors to get a prescription medication.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children 3 to 11 are more prone to catching the super lice, ABC7 reports. The study found that 104 out of 109 lice populations tested had high levels of gene mutations. This made them resistant to the chemicals used by the over the counter treatments that are what usually doctors and schools recommend.

Amongst the states are California, Texas, Washington, Florida, Illinois and many more. In the map belo all the states in pink have been found to have these super lice living there.

Super lice map
Image credit: Kyong Yoon, Ph.D.


In New York, New Jersey, Oregon and New Mexico, the lice have only developed partial resistance. Even so, do not take the situation lightly. Repeat the treatment on days three, six, nine, 12 and 15, so that you clear young lice as they hatch, before they have time to reach maturity. Of course consult with your doctor first for the best possible way to assure proper treatment.

If lice are found, then you must make sure you treat everything in the house that may have been touched or slept on / with. This means that first you must treat your sheets, pillows, clothes, even furniture. Vacuum the house and the furniture, fluffy items and even the stuffed animals and immediately put the vacuum bag in a bigger plastic bag, seal it and throw it away.

Then turn your attention to the stuffed animals once again. You can follow this guide to make sure that the lice are removed from your favorite stuffies.