Travelling Toys Project takes stuffed animals on a trip around the world

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Travelling Toys Project takes stuffed animals on a trip around the worldThe Travelling Toys Project is an interesting idea of bringing along stuffed animals for a trip around the world. It starts from Toronto’s Union Station.

The Travelling Toys Project is the brainchild of McKenna Deighton. She started it as a school project at the joint design program at York University and Sheridan College, CBC reports.

The course she was in was called Material and Methods. The theme of the project was “chance.” Students could do any art project based on that theme. Deighton decided to do an interactive project with a group of stuffed animals. So she took 16 Beanie Babies and  left her phone number, email and Twitter on a note attached to them. Then the toys were placed in a box at Union Station.

The plan was for each toy to be taken by one person. That toy would be left somewhere in the city, with its photo taken and sent to her. And then the next finder of the toy would repeat the process. McKenna adds she trusted in the honesty of the people not to simply steal the toys. And indeed, most of the toys were all passed along, unharmed, all over the city. “It proved that in a big city in like Toronto with all its craziness, people will take time to care for the toys,” Deighton said.

Some of the toye even left Toronto and began a cruise all over the world. One toy, Maddy the Penguin, made it all the way to Clearwater, Fla. Deighton was sent a picture of it in someone’s backyard there.​”It blows my mind that within two weeks it could get that far,” said Deighton on Metro Morning Monday.

Isaac, the polar bear Beanie Baby, went to Blue Mountain. Charlie, a lion toy, went to a Bruce Springsteen concert in Buffalo. Sawyer, who is some kind of dinosaur, was taken to a Raptors game. Out of the 15 toys, nine traveled somewhere. All the toys updates are on the website.