Toys should become “sustainable” now than later when it’s more expensive

Toys should become "sustainable" now than later when it's more expensiveThe toy industry is slowly moving towards sustainability, but there’s still a lot to be done. Experts say now is the time to do so, not later.

Trudi Bishop says to ToyNews that the time for toys to reinvent and start using sustainable materials. It’s more expensive, yes, and it can be a “hit” on the business, Bishop says.

It’s going to be even more expensive if you wait and to it down the line, though. Why? Because if you do it when the regulations start coming in, everyone will rush to it.

There will be a lot of unknowns which companies will have to start learning about quickly. And there will be less room for mistakes.

And if a company does this now, it will have a lot more time to start learning to use sustainable materials to their best. It will find a lot more ways to incorporate them. And it will do that at an easier pace with no pressure. The costs would also be lower and in there will be more time for them to pay themselves.

This is also good brownie points for the PR and the overall look of the company. Of course, it also helps the environment which is quite important. And it’s something that stuffed animals are firmly for.