Toys R Us will allow kids to play with toys in the stores

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Toys R Us will allow kids to play with toys in the stores
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Mack Male

Toys R Us is busy with a lot of stuff since filing for bankruptcy. One of the new initiatives is a rebrand and allowing kids to play with toys in the stores.

The new Today We Play initiative kicked off recently, ToyNews reports. This aims to allow kids to play with available toys in special demo areas.

When is the last time you tossed a few toys in the yard and told the kids to be home before the street lights come on? Between school, homework, sports, activities, play dates, detention (oh, just my kids?) – these days, children’s schedules are packed more than our own,” reads a statement from the firm.

“So, what’s the solution? Leave them kids alone. ‘Play’ is under attack! It’s more structured and less fun than ever before. Recess is cancelled, games are now called “learning activities,” playdates are scheduled, and sports are over-competitive.”

The new Play Labs will kick off at 4 Toys R Us stores in the US for a start. The areas will allow kids and their parents to check out the latest and hottest toys. There will also be “toy demonstrators” – employees who will help customers to get to know the toys better.

All of this is part of a new, broader strategy for Toys R Us to rebrand and reform. They want to return people back to the stores. It’s going to be a challenge, since more and more people prefer to buy toys online.