Toys R Us starts its liquidation sales in the US

Toys R Us starts its liquidation sales in the US
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Mack Male

Toys R Us started the liquidation sales in all US stores. The sales cover all 735 US stores of both Toys R us and Babies R us. And the company expects stuff to go quickly – between 30 and 60 days, CNN reported.

“It will be quick,” said Chuck Tatelbaum, a director with Tripp Scott, a Florida law firm, on how quickly the shelves will empty. “No more than 60 days, closer to 30 days.”

“The [stores] haven’t gotten a lot of new inventory in the last month or two, so a lot of the popular things have probably already sold out,” said Tatelbaum.

If you have Toys R Us gift cards or Endless Earnings e-gift cards you should hurry. The stores will accept these cards until April 20th, 2018. And it’s no longer accepting coupons or other rewards.

Stores will accept returns on products purchased before the liquidation for the next 30 days. All purchases made during the store closing process are final sale, which means they cannot be returned or exchanged.

So, if you have a Toys R Us store nearby and a little free time, you should go and check it out. If you go now, you can probably get some of the more popular toys with a discount.

And, as time goes by, left over stock will probably get even bigger discounts in the pursuit of selling the most inventory as possible. So, you may want to go back a couple of times, too. Also, keep an eye out for more news from the store. They are likely to keep updates about how things are going and how much time they have left.