Toys R Us recalled a rattle toy over choking hazards

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Toys R Us recalled a rattle toy over choking hazardsToys are having somewhat a bad week. Last week Toys R Us recalled the rattle toy Kids II Oball. The reason: fear of choking hazard from the small parts.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission found that the toy has beads inside the rattle. They are in a small disk container which is too weak and can break.

If it does, then the beads will fall out of the toys. Thus babies could take them and swallow them. The Commission says it has already received 42 reports of the disk breaking.

The company also notes it heard about 2 instances where kids had the beads in their mouths and 3 instances of children gagging because of the beads, ToyNews reports. As a result, Toys R Us are recalling about 680 000 Kids II Oball rattle toys.

The products in question are the Kids II, Inc. Oball Rattles 81031, sold to consumers after January 1 2016, with one chamber containing all orange beads and the following ‘T’ date codes: T3065, T0486, T1456, T2316 and T2856. If you are not sure whether your toy falls into the category, contact Toys R Us for details.