Toys R Us raises discounts even more in pursuit to close down US stores

Toys R Us raises discounts even more in pursuit to close down US storesIf you want to buy stuffed animals and toys quite cheaply, now may be the time to do it. Toys R Us is increasing the discounts at it US stores. It wants to speed up the closing down of the stores, so discounts are getting bigger.

The stores now offer up to 40% off for some toys, reports. The main goal is to complete the close down by May 14, 2018.

This will mean the end of the line for 31 000 employees. Pretty much all of them will lose their jobs, including 1100 employees at the headquarters of Toys R Us in Wayne.

So, you have a few more days to check out the last deals at your local Toys R Us. The stores want to sell everything. So, chances are, the discounts will grow even more if there’s still unsold stock.

Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy in September 2017. The company has about $5 billion in debt. Originally, it planned to close about 180 stores.

Sadly, the poor holiday season sales made everything worse. As a result, Toys R Us decided to close down everything. It also closed the UK stores and seeks to sell large chunks of its business in Europe and Asia.

There’s still time for Isaac Larian to try and save Toys R Us. The company rejected his original bid to save 274 stores and the headquarters, thus keeping between 7000 to 10 000 jobs. Larian is working on one final bid which is expected soon.