Toys R Us plans a massive hiring of seasonal workers for the holidays

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Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Mack Male

Despite filing for bankruptcy earlier this week, Toys R Us is still going to hire thousands of seasonal workers for the holidays. After that though there will be changes.

According to new documents in the said filing, Toys R Us plans to hire more than 38 000 holiday staffers, reports. This is in line with the usual hiring of about 40 000 seasonal workers during the same time each year.

In New Jersey alone Toys R Us is planning to hire about 1800 part-time workers. This is about 10% less than last year, but the number can always change.

Toys R Us plans to hire more than 12 500 workers for the top six markets in the US, including Groveport, Ohio. There it will be looking to staff more than 2 400 people for its distribution facility that handles online orders. The company hired more than 10 900 workers for the top five markets a year ago, Associated Press reported separately. So, the overall numbers would be the same.

Other companies and retailers will also add tens of thousands of seasonal workers for the holidays. Toys R Us will try to attract more candidates with flexible hours, varied shifts and employee discounts for seasonal workers. It is also offering a new job that lets you play with the toys. It has created toy demonstrator positions that will involve playing with toys in the stores and letting kids and parents play with them.

After the holidays though things might change. There are rumors that the bankruptcy restructuring will lead to the closure of some stores in the US and possibly Canada. The rest of the Toys R Us stores around the globe weren’t affected by the issue and will operate normally.