Toys R Us is planning yet another comeback

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Toys R Us is planning yet another comebackIt seems like every month there are news of a Toys R Us comeback. The latest though are claiming this time it will really happen. Maybe.

Richard Barry, who is a former Toys R Us executive, has told the Associated Press that he has a new firm called Tru Kids and team. And they are all working on exploring all options to return Toys R Us to the United States.

Barry wants this to happen this year in time for the holiday shopping season. He also says that online shopping will have a major role in accomplishing this.

Still, retail stores are also in the works. Barry says the new Toys R Us stores will be smaller and will focus a lot on experiences.

The executive also says he and his team have already been talking to toy makers about their plans. He adds that many are still feeling the stress of the toy store chain liquidation last year, but are supporting a comeback. Would that actually happen? It’s too early to tell, but who knows, maybe this time it will.