Toys R Us is hoping to attract more interest with its relaunch and big new plan

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Toys R Us is hoping to attract more interest with its relaunch and big new planToys R Us is coming back to select malls in the US this holiday season. The revived brand is now hoping to attract more interest than online shopping.

How is that going to happen? Well, according to CNN, the new company has a big plan. It’s so innovative, it could even change the whole way stores sell toys.

Sounds very ambitious. One of the key elements of this plan is turning the stores into entertainment hot spots.

“We know that customers love shopping as a means of entertainment. That’s something built into the DNA of human beings,” Richard Barry, president and CEO of Toys R Us parent company, Tru Kids, told CNN Business. “We also know kids and families are looking for things to do on the weekends or when school’s out. We know parents and families really value play and the value of toys overall. As we thought about the strategy, we wanted to put all those things together.”

The new stores will not just sell toys on shelves. They will have hands-on, experiences for both kids and parents. The new stores are a lot smaller – at about 6500 square feet, compared to the over 40 000 square foot giants before.

And the new stores will feature a lot more areas with interactive experiences, opportunities to play with toys and more.

Another focus would be showing off less toys, but with more details and experiences around them. Shoppers will have the opportunity to try the latest products, games and so on.

The company will also have new mobile experiences. Mobile as in pop-up short-term spots that visit malls for a while and then move on to the next one.

Basically Toys R Us aims to show the kids of the digital age, that it’s still very fun to play regular toys. Would kids like that? They most likely would. It’s definitely looking like a bold plan in the age of video games and online shopping.