Toys R Us is entering the final days and the discounts are rising fast

Toys R Us is entering the final days and the discounts are rising fastIf you have ever wanted to get toys very cheap, now might be the time to do so. Toys R Us stores are entering their final days and discounts are rising, USA Today reports.

Toys R Us announced a new round of huge discounts this week. They now range from 50 to 70 percent with “limited exceptions,” according to a Facebook post.

The new discounts come about three months after the popular toy store chain announced it would liquidate and close down completely. Of course, most of the inventory is already gone.

Whatever is left though, gets bigger and bigger discounts. Staff at the stores regularly moves everything to the front of the stores. This way the back is empty, but you can see everything that’s left easily at the front. This will save you the hassle of walking around the many shelves.

The hottest toys and videogames were sold out very fast a few weeks ago. But there’s still lots of other stuff and cool toys that await new owners.

Among them are Barbie dolls, LEGO sets, Nerf guns even Star Wars toys. And lots of stuffed animals, of course. “The prices are getting good,” said Rita Hasselbach, of Port St. Lucie, Florida, who visited the Toys R Us in Jensen Beach. “I’m looking for games that I can donate to charities and shelters.”

“The store closure’s timing and discounts will vary, as it depends on how quickly each location sells out of inventory,” Toys R Us spokeswoman Amy von Walter said. “I don’t have timing on markdowns as the liquidators are leading this process, but I’d guess that would vary as well.”

Don’t forget to compare prices, too. And inventory. In an effort to sell off as much as it can, Toys R us could bring in merchandise leftover from over closed locations.