Toys R Us is “definitely” coming back this year

Toys R Us is "definitely" coming back this yearAnother week, another piece of news about Toys R Us coming back. This time the word “definitely” is in play along with “this year”.

Toys R Us is coming back in 2019, reports CNN, citing “a person familiar with Richard Barry’s plans”. Richard Barry is the CEO of Tru Kids Brands – the new company that owns the Toys R Us brand along with Babies R Us, Geoffrey the Giraffe and even Imaginarium.

“We’re definitely coming back in 2019. At minimum two stores. There’s more planned for 2020,” the person said. The new stores will be smaller than Toys “R” Us’ old stores and “experiential,” the person added.
The news is somewhat confirmed by none other than Isaac Larian. MGA Entertainment’s CEO has been quite active in the Toys R Us world, trying to buy and revive the brand. He wasn’t successful, but he’s still supporting the initiative.
“They’re considering opening two stores to begin with and then go from there. I hope they’re successful,” he said to CNN recently. “There is a need for an independent toy chain in the US, whether it’s Toys ‘R’ Us or something else.”
So far, there are no news for the UK plans for Toys R Us. Meanwhile the international expansion continues. The brand plans to open 70 more stores, mostly in Asia, by the end of the year.