Toys R Us is back with a new site and partnership

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Toys R Us is back with a new site and partnershipWell, we can now officially consider Toys R Us as being back. A little bit more than a year after its demise in the US, the store is back, but with a twist.

The company launched a brand new website. It has a similar style as the old one, but an entirely new focus and functionality.

There are some big differences. For one, you can’t actually buy toys from it. At least not directly from Toys R Us.

Instead, the site is going to show toy reviews and trending toys. When you like a certain toy, you can purchase it, but via Target.

That’s the new partnership for the Toys R Us website. All toys sales from this site are actually redirected to Target.

The idea is simple. You get to see the classic and also updated Toys R Us experience, but buy the toys from another popular retailer. This way Toys R Us can focus on opening new stores and has a big online presence without spending too much on it.

The site is already active and it’s coming in time for the big shopping sprees that are coming over the next few weeks in time for the holidays. Toys R Us plans to open 10 new stores in the US by the end of 2020. They will be smaller and will focus more on experiences.