Toys R Us comes back to social media, gets a hard treatment

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Toys R Us comes back to social media, gets a hard treatment
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Mack Male

It seems Toys R Us is indeed coming back in full swing. These past a couple of days the brand has reactivated its social media accounts.

But there’s an issues The Rock Father reports. For one, people aren’t very happy with what has happened.

And also, the company has deleted posts and tweets about the liquidation and has basically turned back the accounts to posts months behind. “”Guess who’s back? He’s been traveling across the globe for the past few months but now #GeoffreysBack and once again ready to set play free for children of all ages. Share some of your favorite memories and get ready to make a whole lot of new ones!”, wrote Toys R Us on Twitter.

The reactions on both Twitter and Facebook though weren’t all that enthusiastic. First, many former employees criticized the way they were treated in the bankruptcy and want better retribution. After all the stores closing left more than 33 000 people without a job.

Others, are criticizing the people behind the Toys R Us brand now. Some of them are the same investors who wanted a liquidation of the company in the first place. “They flushed it all and gifted themselves the name and brands, allowing formation of new business rather than auctioning their assets to a new buyer that had no ties to the old company, as is the norm in these cases (see Gander Outdoors, Bon-Ton, Circuit City)”, The Rock Father adds.

A couple of days ago the New York Post also noted that the Toy Industry as a whole wasn’t all that thrilled with the news during the Fall Toy Preview. The reason – many brands are still owed money and others have just completed restructurings and finding new retailers and partners.

Long story short, the comeback of Toys R Us might not be as smooth of a sailing as some have expected.