Toys for Tots campaign in New York touted as a Christmas miracle

Toys for Tots campaign in New York touted as a Christmas miracleToys for Tots is a popular US campaign urging people to donate toys and stuffed animals for kids in need. The New York version is now touted as a Christmas miracle by big names like the New York Post.

This year the New York Toys for Tots had a problem: overwhelming demand and not enough supplies. So the Rizack family took it upon themselves to help.

Within 24 hours, Gabriella Rizack, 22, her dad, Joshua, and brothers Reid and Emmet came to the rescue. They managed to raise $17,000 to deliver gifts to the waiting children. The money will go for buying toys for the 2200 kids in need in New York that Toys for Tots wants to bring some smiles this Christmas.

There were some problems at first. Gabriella saw the appeal from Toys for Tots and wanted to help. Her dad though was a bit skeptical about wearing a Santa Claus outfit since he’s Jewish. But that didn’t deter Gabriella and she insisted, telling him it will be a good example to people of all religions.

So, in the end Joshua agreed. Not only that, he took the goal to heart and even joined the fundraising with his own appeal which is very good. So, here it is:

“Never in my life did I think I’d be begging friends and neighbors to drop everything to help with a Christmas project. Nor did I ever expect to find myself dressed as Santa Claus or my kids as Mrs. Claus and two elves,” he said in the appeal.

“But God put us in this position for some reason, and we are grateful to Him for, yes, the opportunity to do something right and special this year. We now offer it to you, with our most heartfelt thanks and hopefulness. Gabriella say she just knows you’re going to say, yes.”

He says that after this within 24 hours they received about $17 000 in donations and there are still more money coming. And yes, that effort from the Rizacks did actually saved Christmas. Toys for Tots helps out other charities, too, like the Secret Sandy Claus Project after Hurricane Sandy. That project had only 2800 toys from the 5000 needed and the money raised by the Rizacks family saved Christmas for these kids.