Toys are not just for kids, they are great for adults, too

Toys are not just for kids, they are great for adults, tooIt’s generally thought that toys are for kids only. But they can actually be beneficial for adults, too. Toys are a great way to relieve stress.

A lot of adults still want to play with toys. But since this is generally viewed as “weird” or “inappropriate”, they don’t talk about it.

Instead, most adults focus on video games. For some reason they seem acceptable, but playing with regular toys isn’t. And it’s pretty much the same idea, but toys actually help the creativity.

Video games also have their benefits. They can improve logical thinking, reflexes and help reduce stress. Actual toys help reduce stress, foster creativity, logical thinking and etc.

“What I found for me, is that they’re a huge stress reliever. It’s a way to let go of the day’s worries”, says Justin Chrisp for the LincolnLiving. He’s 40-years-old, but loves to play with LEGO and build things.

For five years he has built at home. Now he’s shown his best creations for the first time at the Lincoln and Omaha Lego User Group (LOLUG) shows. “This is something that Lincoln doesn’t have,” he said. “A lot of kids sit at home and play with their Legos and they never get to experience it outside of their house, so to see it in a public display like this, you can see it on their faces that they’re just astounded.”

He says he loved the hobby in his mid-30s after his friend received a Star Wars LEGO set as a gift. “I went home and I told my wife he had one and I needed to get one, too,” he said.

As you can imagine, he loved it and want it more. And that brought him some issues as his friends felt confused that he was playing with toys. Many still don’t understand it, he said. “They’re more than toys, they’re my creative outlet… this to me is my artwork and my creative release.”

Happily his wife is supportive and actually helped him find likeminded friends on Facebook. Another benefit to Legos, he said, is that he can play with his children and help teach them the value of patience, hard work and creativity through playtime.