Toy Story Land opens to huge success and long, long lines

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Toy Story Land opens to huge success and long, long linesThe long awaited Toy Story Land in Walt Disney World finally opened. And it matched the expectations with huge crowds and very long waiting lines.

The theme park within a theme park opened this weekend after a very long build. Walt Disney World is in Hollywood and as such covers a lot of movie themes and enjoys a constant flow of visitors.

Even so, this weekend the visitors were even more. WDW Magic reports that the first people were already waiting in line for Toy Story Land at 4:30AM.

The park also decided to accommodate the bigger interest and opened at 6AM – two hours earlier than normal. Even so, within the first hour the Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster already had a 4 hour (!) wait time.

Soon after the park reached full capacity and had to close for regular visitors for a bit. By 9AM there was a 4 hour wait just to get inside Toy Story Land and 300 minutes wait time for the Slinky Dog Dash!

Heavy weather in the afternoon stopped two attractions for a bit, but even the rain and thunderstorms didn’t scare people away, ThisIsInsider reported. The rest of the Disney World theme park operated as usual.

Fans will get a lot of more opportunities to check out Toy Story Land, too. Still, many wanted to be among the first to experience the new park and rides. Something which for sure brought more than a lot of joy to Disney and Pixar.