Toy Story costumes will be all the rage for Halloween

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Toy Story costumes will be all the rage for HalloweenIf you ask Disney about Halloween, the company will probably tell you that Toy Story 4 related characters will be top choices for costumes. With that said, Toy Story isn’t all that scary.

Despite that Disney has made a few new Halloween costumes from Toy Story characters. One of them is Green Alien Men and the other one is, of course, Buzz Lightyear.

But these aren’t your regular clothes costumes. In fact, they are inflatable. So, you get quite big and that might be a challenge to move through a crowd. But for sure you will draw a lot of attention.

The Alien Man costs $79.95 and also needs 4 AA batteries for the air compressor. The same goes for the Buzz Lightyear costume.

Rather disappointingly, Buzz doesn’t come with a helmet. So, you may look a little strange with that costume. On the other hand the Alien Man is quite more in-tune with the Halloween spooky theme even if it’s not that scary looking.

Disney will also offer the Partysaurus Rex costume. This one is $119.95, but it’s also the biggest by far. And it also has a long tail. So, it’s really more suitable for outdoor Halloween parties where there will be lots of room to maneuver around.