Toy Story celebrated its 20th anniversary of the first movie

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Toy Story celebrated its 20th anniversary of the first movie
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Steve Jurvetson

Exactly 20 years ago the movie Toy Story revolutionized the world of animation cinema. The ever so popular franchise was celebrated at a special event.

It was there where the main people behind the first movie shared some of their memories and details about possibilities for the film. It turns out Toy Story could have been vastly different from what we know and love it right now, the creators of the Pixar classic revealed.

“The fundamental thing that we did was we always viewed the toys as adults. We viewed them that when Andy leaves the room it becomes a work place. What we wanted was for Woody to be the leader, he was Andy’s favorite toy but he made sure everybody got played with and they had staff meetings”, the head of Disney and Pixar John Lasseter says to Variety.

The thing is Woody being the leader would have come with a price in one of the versions of the script. Woody would have been a very bad behaving toy towards because he was Andy’s favorite. The initial idea was to have Woody actively trying to sabotage Buzz Lightyear.

Something didn’t seem right, though. The movie makers wanted a story that would be appealing to everyone. Having toys fight and sabotage each other didn’t seem like the right way to go. So the movie was rewritten and turned into the story we got and it was an instant hit.

The current version of Woody is still a bit edgy from time to time, but he has a good heart and always redeems himself and the mistakes he makes. Woody and his friends would go on to star in three movies which were loved by fans. Now Pixar and Disney are working hard on Toy Story 4. It is set to be released in the cinemas on June 16 2017. So there is still quite a lot of time for you to remember the 20th anniversary of the original movie by watching it one more time.