Toy Story 4 will not be only fun and games, it will have ‘scary’ moments, too

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Toy Story 4 will not be only fun and games, it will have 'scary' moments, tooThe big day is almost here. Toy Story 4 will finally debut in the cinemas in about two weeks time. And new details confirm it won’t be only fun and games.

The BBFC reported that Toy Story 4 will have some ‘scary’ scenes. There will also be ‘very mild violence’ in the movie.

Probably this means there will be a few toys getting destroyed. In anyway, the movie seems to bank on the more emotional side, rather than simply fun and games.

The BBFC also reports that the movie will be 1 hour and 40 minutes long. This would make Toy Story 4 the second longest movie in the series after Toy Story 3.

Voice actors have already said several times that the ending is quite emotional. It’s also funny, so it will be a very emotional ride.

Of course, there’s the risk of disappointment, too. The actors and movie studio have hyped the ending so much, fans’ expectations are through the roof. This either means some won’t be as happy as they would expect, or that the ending is really something else. The wait to finding out is almost over, though.