Toy Story 4 will get two spin-offs on Disney’s streaming service

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Toy Story 4 will get two spin-offs on Disney's streaming service
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Steve Jurvetson

Disney isn’t hanging around. The company is working on two spin-off shows from Toy Story 4. And they will be part of the new Disney+ streaming service, reported.

One of them will be Forky Asks A Question. It will feature 10 episodes and it will be about Forky – a fork with googly eyes. Also co-starring in the series will be other characters.

Each episode will show Forky and friends looking for answers for various questions. From mundane like “What is cheese?” to much more complex ones like “What is love?”

Bo Peep will also have her own spin-off. Lamp Life will explain where Bo Peep was during her time away from the rest of the main characters from Toy Story.

Among other new and top shows Disney+ will have The World According to Jeff Goldblum. Also taking part in the streaming service will be The Simpsons in all of their 30 seasons.

Disney+ will also have Star Wars, all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and of course, the Disney Channel. So Disney is really aiming for the home run from the get-go with its service.