Toy Story 4 looking to have the biggest opening weekend for animated movies

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Toy Story 4 looking to have the biggest opening weekend for animated moviesThe hype is real, as they say. In the case of Toy Story 4, Disney and Pixar are looking to have a huge movie hit on their hands.

According to a report from Deadline, the company is looking for a record opening weekend for Toy Story 4 in the cinemas. It can even become the biggest one for animated movies, ever.

To achieve that, Toy Story 4 must achieve more than $182.6 million. That record was set by the Incredibles 2.

Previous projections expected that Toy Story 4 could achieve about $130-$150 million in it’s first three days in the cinemas. The hype comes despite the debate of whether a fourth movie is needed.

“That’s the question of all questions,” director Josh Cooley recently told “We realized, we love the end of Toy Story 3. It ends Woody and Andy’s story perfectly. We realize there is more story to tell to continue Woody’s story and once we started going down that path and realizing oh there is more to tell for Woody, we just kept going and we hit upon something that’s worth telling.”

Considering how much effort the filmmakers have put and all the new stars and characters they brought, Toy Story 4 is definitely aiming very high. It’s bound to be a success and with the hype around it, becoming a record success is also very possible.