Toy Story 4 has Easter Eggs from every other Pixar movie

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Toy Story 4 has Easter Eggs from every other Pixar movie
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Steve Jurvetson

You have to give it to Disney and Pixar. They sure know how to gather and then keep attention. They keep releasing cool tidbits for Toy Story 4.

The latest one is that Toy Story 4 will have more Easter Eggs than any other Pixar movie. In fact, the movie will feature Easter Eggs from every other Pixar movie ever, CinemaBlend reports.

This mean that you will have to watch the movie several times in order to see them all. Of course, there’s also a potential, too many Easter Eggs is a bad thing.

Why? Because people might be tempted to look for Easter Eggs, instead of watching the movie and the story. Many would prefer to be the ones who were “first” finding particular Easter Eggs.

Of course, it’s up to you how to enjoy a movie. Director Josh Cooley says the Easter Eggs won’t take away from the movie. He says there’s simply a lot of stuff in the background which could be from some other Pixar movie.

Fans of said movies will notice them. Other fans won’t. Both will still enjoy the overall movie, as the Easter Eggs are small, and not in your face type of thing.

Plus, most of the stuff seems to be piled in an antique store scene of the movie. It’s a store with 10 000 items, all animated and drawn separately. It’s here where the movie team decided to use Pixar’s history and use Easter Eggs from all other movies the company has done.