Toy Story 4 crosses $600M as rumors for Toy Story 5 get shot down

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Toy Story 4 crosses $600M as rumors for Toy Story 5 get shot downDespite a slightly lower start than expected, Toy Story 4 is still managing to pull in a lot of people in the movie theaters. The results are great so far.

Toy Story 4 crossed the $600 million revenue mark this weekend, Forbes reported. These are the global earnings for the movie, with about 47.5% coming from North America.

This means that Toy Story 4 might have gotten a slower start, but it is catching up in the late run. The movie still has legs to continue bringing in the goods for Disney and Pixar.

Would it cross $1 billion? It’s till too early to tell. It is for sure a success with covering up all of the budget and then quite some more on top of that.

Naturally, this leads to even more speculation about Toy Story 5. Would Disney miss the opportunity for another big money maker? Chances are, it wouldn’t want to do that.

But there’s a hitch. In order for Toy Story 5 to be a success, it needs to have a great story. And it took years and years for Toy Story 4’s script to take shape. Plus, the team has already said they want to take a break for a while and will think about another movie down the line later.

Also, remember that Toy Story 3 came out in 2010. That’s nearly a decade ago. And Disney has a habit of taking quite a lot of time between it’s movies. Pixar, too. This is part of why they are almost always such big hits. The teams take their time in making the movies to the best of their abilities and that shows on the screen.

As a result, Toy Story 5, if it comes at all, won’t happen for the next few years, maybe even a decade. But we all know that when it does come, it’s going to be quite the movie.