Toy Story 4 breaks global box office as it still struggles a bit in the US

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Toy Story 4 breaks global box office as it still struggles a bit in the USToy Story 4 may be suffering from a classic case of overhype. The long-awaited movie still brings in a lot of cash, but not as much as expected.

As a result, the movie didn’t meet box office expectations in the US. It earned $118 million instead of the $140 million which were predicted.

On a positive note, the movie was better received worldwide, especially in Europe and Latin America. As a result, the global box office is much stronger at $238 million.

The movie also has a 98% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is quite good. Still, for now it seems quite far from the possibility of earning over $1 billion and achieving what Toy Story 3 did.

One of the reasons for that is that on Monday, the movie earned just $14 million in the US box office. That’s a 58% drop from Sunday which is in line with most previous big animated movies. This means that while the results are quite strong, they aren’t strong enough for Toy Story 4 to break records.

Plus, the Lion King hype is gaining steam and it’s taking away some wind from the sails of Toy Story 4. Maybe Disney shouldn’t have scheduled both movies to debut so close to each other.

Still, it’s not bad if you’re Disney. Their movies are basically dominating the cinema world. From Avengers to Lion King and many more. It’s all about Disney for the time being.