Toy stores and companies start making better toys for autistic children

Toy stores and companies start making better toys for autistic childrenMost toy stores and toys try to attract the attention of kids with bright colors, lights, sounds and so on. But all of this can be too much for some kids.

Autistic children can have trouble with such toys. This makes it difficult to find suitable toy for children with special needs, TDN reports.

But toy companies are starting to make more suitable toys and toy stores are looking for new better ways to sell them. This should result in better options for autistic children.

Big stores like Toys R Us in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania for example turned off its music for three hours on a Saturday morning. It also turned its break room into a quiet zone for a special event with the Greater Philadelphia Autism Society.

Toys R Us in UK has been doing quiet hours for one day since 2014. Other stores and even Chuck E. Cheese have or plan such events, too. Now there are also small stores which are specifically designed to children with sensory issues.

“It’s more of an experience than just a one-stop shop for them to buy toys,” says Rahim, who still works as a behavioral therapist part-time, which helps her discover new toys to stock.

According to the US government data, one in 68 children has autism or a related disorder. A decade ago the number was one in 150. This raise shows it’s even more important to have special toys and stores.

Toy makers also put in more effort. Mellisa & Doug have special toy line for such kids. Hasbro is also paying more attention to autistic children. All of this is a great start which we hope will continue to expand.