Toy-sharing subscriptions are a new thing which becomes more popular

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Toy-sharing subscriptions are a new thing which becomes more popularThere is such a thing as too many toys. When kids have a lot of toys, they tend to get bored easily and always want something new.

This isn’t an ideal situation for any parent. You may end up with tons of toys which the kids no longer play with.

This is why there’s a new service which is gaining popularity – toy-sharing subscriptions. WRAL reports that searches for such services jumped 313% in 2018 making it a top-100 Pin Pick for 2019.

The idea is simple. Why spend a lot of money on toys which the kids will get bored with quickly? Instead, you pay a monthly fee, for example $20 and get a choice from a vast catalogue of toys. You can choose a few toys to ship to your home for the kids. If you pay a higher monthly fee, you can even get even more toys and services.

When the kids get bored with the said toy(s), you simply ship the toys back and get new ones. All of the toys are properly cleaned and sanitized by the service providers, too. This way you don’t throw away toys, you end up saving money and you can keep the kids entertained. And if it happens that the kids really like a particular toy, most services have an option to buy it, so you even don’t have to return it.

So, these services certainly seem interesting. And they seem to be catching on. There are already quite a few of them out there, especially in the US. They all have different terms, prices, features and catalogues, so it’s worth browsing around before making the final choice.