Toy prices rise in the UK

Toy prices rise in the UKThe United Kingdom saw an interesting change in its prices during March and April 2020. Inflation rate dropped, many items got cheaper, but not toys.

In fact, toy prices rose in March and April 2020, the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) says, quoted by the BBC. The toy prices were up despite the fact that oil prices were way down.

The ONS says the possible reason for the rise in toy prices is the fact that many people stayed at home for longer periods of time. This drove demand for toys up, which in turn brings the prices up, as well.

The same goes for video games, consoles and board games. Even the price of knitting wool rose. The ONS says this is valid for arts and crafts in general as people looked for ways to spend time at home.

It’s now expected that prices may drop as stores start to reopen. The reason would be that they will want to clear stock and get things going, so they may offer discounts to attract more customers.

Of course, this all may change depending on the outbreak development. Hopefully the summer months will allow for some much needed time to relax the rules and the spread and would also bring some good news on the treatment front.