Toy makers still look for alternatives after the demise of Toys R Us

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Toy makers still look for alternatives after the demise of Toys R UsIt’s no secret that the toy market isn’t in a good place right now. One of the major reasons for that is still the demise of Toys R Us, AP reports.

The reports shows how there were plenty of different versions of popular toys last year, when Toys R Us was around. Now there are less and less.

For example, last year there were 60 different K’Nex construction sets, now there are 20. And it’s the same for many other toys.

“Maybe the world only needs one kind of ant farm, but in the day, you had a choice,” said Jay Foreman, president and CEO of Basic Fun. Still, that’s not really good for the market.

Parents are also starting to notice the limited variety. Stuffed animals are also suffering. There are less new plushies around, especially ones that are from not that popular shows.

The big toy names also have issues. Their sales are dropping. Toys R Us held about 12% of the US toy market, NPD Group says. TTPM on the other hand says about 40% of Toys R Us business isn’t scooped up yet. And the efforts to resurrect the brand aren’t moving as fast as wanted.

Analysts are saying that new toy releases also suffer. Usually people knew that they could find the new hot toys, like the Cutetitos for example, at Toys R Us. But without Toys R Us, gaining that initial first traction proves to be a bit more difficult. It seems that simply selling online isn’t the perfect answer most were hoping for.