Toy Like Me is creating new toys with wheelchairs to inspire

Toy Like Me is creating new toys with wheelchairs to inspireIt can be very tough for children with disabilities to feel accepted by other kids and society. That’s why the Toy Like Me campaign exists to help out.

Toy Like Me wants to encourage kids to be inclusive and now is expanding onto new special toys. They are cute stuffed animals which have their unique wheelchairs, ToyNews reports.

“We have found that most toy wheelchairs are grey and found in medical sets. They also tend to be unstable when pushed and fall over, which is very frustrating for children,” Rebecca Atkinson told ToyNews. She is the driving force behind the Toy Like Me campaign.

She says there are 150 million disabled children and they rarely see their experience to be part of new toys. By having toys which are like them, it helps kids feel better and part of the world. It also teaches other kids to be more welcoming.

Atkinson notes that research has shown that just three minutes of play with toys is enough to open kids’ minds towards a topic. So, having such toys can be very beneficial. Atkinson hopes to eventually be able to bring the new toy to homes, schools and events.