Toy exhibit shows off the world’s most famous toys and their inventors

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Toy exhibit shows off the world's most famous toys and their inventorsPeople love toys. Yes, people, not just children. This is why there is a new exhibit that will show the world’s most famous toys and their inventors.

The Toy Halls of Fame will be held at The Strong museum in Rochester, AP reports. The 4 million dollar exhibit was unveiled yesterday and features items from the National Toy Hall of Fame. It shows the classic Rubik’s Cube, the little green Army men and many more.

The exhibit also features items from the Toy Industry Hall of Fame. There you will see the Frisbee, Silly String, Slip n’ Slide and many more toys. The exhibit will be a full time part of The Strong and the museum hopes it will attract about 40 000 additional visitors per year. The exhibit will be open to visitors from this Saturday onwards and it will take 5000 square foot.

“The Strong museum just got even stronger as a tourist draw for the region by adding the phenomenal Toy Halls of Fame exhibit,” Lieutenant Gov. Kathy Hochul said at the unveiling.

The National Toy Hall of Fame was established in 1998 and inducts a slate of toys each year, 56 to date. The Toy Industry Hall of Fame was established in 1985 by the Toy Industry Association and inducts about two people per year. Its current roster is 71.

Association President and Chief Executive Steve Pasierb said The Strong was the obvious choice. “Toys come through the imagination of individual designers and people who bring them to life. We needed a home that is fitting, not a children’s museum, not a science museum,” he said.

This is why visitors will actually be able to play with some of the toys and check out an interactive hall with Jack-in-the-Box displays, virtual bubbles from a 20-foot bubble tower and many more. Along with the toys, the visitors will be able to get to know their creators as well. Two 10-foot kiosks with touchscreen displays will show information about the toy inventors.