Toy cars aren’t just for boys, Mattel and Mercedes-Benz say

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Toy cars aren't just for boys, Mattel and Mercedes-Benz saySome toys are viewed as suitable for all kids, while other toys are “just for boys” or “just for girls”. Mattel and Mercedes-Benz don’t agree with that.

Both companies are joining together to donate 50 000 toy cars to girls in the US. This is part of their new campaign “No Limits” which runs with the help of the National Girls Collaborative Project.

The goal of the project is to motivate girls to pursue science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). And the “No Limits” initiative will run through February 2020 and will feature a lot more than toy cars.

It will also have several events throughout the US with more than 100 organizations. The events will inspire girls to design and engineer race tracks, cars and talk with female role models.

Girls who participate will also get a special edition of a Matchbox toy replica of a Mercedes-Benz 220SE. There are 50 000 of them so, the companies are expecting huge interest in the “No Limits” campaign. It’s a special version of the 220SE as it will be the one that Ewy Rosqvist drove to become the first woman to compete in and win the Argentinian Grand Prix.

“Whatever they aspire to be – an astronaut, engineer, judge, nurse, even the President, we want all children to dream big, dream bold and never give up on that dream,” said Mark Aikman, general manager of marketing services for MBUSA to “We’ve seen that stories like Ewy’s – championing women trailblazers and achievers – can have a big impact by calling into question the gender stereotypes that children may inadvertently adopt.”

“The No Limits initiative is important to the future success of our young girls,” said Karen Peterson founder and CEO of the NGCP. “Demand for workers with STEM-based skills is rapidly growing, yet women are still significantly underrepresented in these fields. We know that gender associations are formed at a very young age. We applaud Mercedes-Benz and Mattel in their efforts to breakdown the gender stereotypes that keep young girls from engaging in STEM studies.”

Mattel will also release Ewy’s 220SE in the stores starting from December, 2019. You can see which organizations participate in the “No Limits” campaign here and contact them if you want to take part in the events.