Toronto Airport reunites a little girl with her lost stuffed animal

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Toronto Airport reunites a little girl with her lost stuffed animalA four-year-old girl had lost her stuffed animal at one of the Toronto airports. Her parents asked the staff for help and got a touching response in return.

Phoebe Steel lost her stuffed dog called Ra Ra at the Toronto Pearson International Airport after she and her family travelled back to Saskatchewan from the U.K. “It’s her security blanket. She sleeps with him every night,” Phoebe’s mother Jen Steel told CTV Saskatoon on Wednesday. “We had missed our connection, so we ended up being stuck there for about five hours. Somewhere in between a couple of the gates and boarding, he disappeared”, Steel said.

Phoebe was very saddened and disturbed from the news that Ra Ra was missing. She loves her stuffed friend very much and wanted him back. So her parents contacted the airport staff via Facebook with the plea to return the toy if it has been found. Her dad didn’t think there was a point, because it was a very small stuffed animal lost in a massive airport and it won’t be found.

RaRa woke up in a drawer at the airport, but he was supposed to be on a plane with his family, the Airport said.

Two days later though, the Steel family got good news. Ra Ra was found and it even had his own mini adventure which was well documented by the airport staff with pictures.

His first stop was at security where he went through the scanners.

The photos showed Ra Ra making new friends, taking a tour around the airport and finally, boarding the plane to get back home. Needless to say, Phoebe was overjoyed when Ra Ra came back home. She and her parents were very thankful to the staff and the airport got some good rep for its actions. Everyone wins.

Ra Ra also took a moving sidewalk to get to his flight.


RaRa took some time to cheer on the Toronto Blue Jays while waiting for his flight. Go Jays Go! – The airport staff noted.


He also made some new friends at the airport