Top five stuffed animals secrets

Top five stuffed animals secretsWe all have secrets and that’s no secret. Our stuffies also have secrets. They really do. What are the top stuffed animals secrets? Lets check them out.

But lets also keep them to ourselves as we don’t want our stuffed friends to get mad at us. Lets begin and discover the top stuffed animals secrets. They actually have a lot to do with our own secrets, so be careful.


The top stuffed animals secrets

You’ve probably heard or seen stuffed animals with secret pockets. They have little compartments that allow them to keep their favorite accessories and things close to them and always with them. Of course we also keep some of our secret things in their pockets. Which leads to one more thing.

They keep our secrets. They see a lot of the stuff we do and say but they never ever tell it to anyone. They are our true friends and to them that is more important. So we have to thank them often for that.

Stuffed animals experience their own thing as they have feelings. This makes them see and feel what is happening in their own way. These are theirs most close and important secrets. The ones they do not share with anyone. The ones that make us feel them back and build their characters on.

Stuffed animals secrets can be a bit different than what we perceive as a secret. For example they have a secret life. It’s the time when te are not with them in the house and they are alone. We don’t know what they do and we can’t know even if they want to tell us because they can’t talk. That’s not a bad thing though. Everyone needs their privacy from time to time.

And finally, stuffies keep a mix of secrets from the factory and the people they made them, the trip from the factory to the store right up to the moment you walked in and decided to buy them. This is by far the happies day of their lives when they finally find their home. But the journey leading up to that moment must be both scary and incredibly interesting. It is something that will forever stay with the stuffies though.