Top five stuffed animals myths

Top five stuffed animals mythsAs with virtually anything else that is around us, stuffed animals are also surrounded by some myths. Some are true, others are crazy. Which stuffed animals myths are real and which are false? We will try to find out.

These stuffed animals myths are various and go about different topics. From souls to health, the stuffed animals myths can go a long way. Some may even feel real to you no matter what science would say.


The top five stuffed animals myths

We begin with the big one. Stuffed animals have souls. Probably every scientist around the world will tell you that an inanimated object doesn’t have a soul. But what is a soul really? The best science could tell you it’s an unproven energy of some sort. But lets go for a simpler explanation. If you can, take a look at your stuffed animals right now.

Feel something? Maybe a little joy, or relief, or just a little bit better overall? Feelings are a reaction. You can’t have a reaction without a cause. So your stuffies have some sort of an energythat makes you feel better when you merely look at them. So… they might just have souls in some form or another.

Myth number two. Stuffed animals are toys for girls only. This is actually false and we don’t really need scientists for that. Stuffed animals are very helpful for child development period. They help train creativity, expression of feelings. At the very least they educate about what other creatures are out there in the world. It doesn’t matter whether the child is a boy or a girl, the effects are the same. Stuffed animals are for everyone.

The third out of five stuffed animals myths. This one is health related. Stuffed animals are a supposed breeding ground for head lice and other little critters. Absolutely not. Head lice in particular are sensitive to temperature, light, humidity. They avoid inanimate objects. A simple brush off or vacuuming up is enough to ensure that your stuffies are clean from any lice that may pass by. For that to happen though, somebody in the family (a human or a pet) must have lice in the first place. Same for dust mites.

Myth number four is a simlar one. There’s a running story that Beanie Babies are home to spider eggs. Leave them in a nice warm room for long enough and thousands of little spiders will start to craw from the seams of the toys. Completely false. This myth is actually a joke from a satirical website. Still not convinced? Well, check this out for more details.

And the last one of our top five stuffed animals myths. Stuffies are for kids only. Nope. Stufies have proven that adults love stuffed animals just as much. The reasons are plenty. For some it is a nice connection to the childhood. For other it is a reminder about home when they travel. For third it’s a great hobby. They cure depression.¬†Stuffed animals are both for children and adults. If you like them, they like you too. If you don’t… you’re mostly likely not even going to read this, but it’s ok, they still like you, too. Stuffed animals like everybody and that is not a myth.