Top five stuffed animals gifts for Valentine’s Day

Top five stuffed animals gifts for Valentine's Day
Image credit: Steiff

Stuffed animals have traditionally been one of the top gifts for Valentine’s day. But what stuffed animal to choose as the perfect gift? We have you covered.

It is true that there are thousands of different stuffies for you to pick from. But for special occasions you will have to pick┬ásomething a little bit different. It all depends on what message you want to send and what type of person you are buying stuffed animals gifts for Valentine’s Day for.

According to the National Retail Federation in the USA, people celebrating Valentine’s Day spend on average 142.31 dollars. Men are taking the brunt with average spending of 190.52 dollars, while the ladies plan to spend about 96.58 dollars.

Either way, this is a lot of money for stuffed animals, so what are the

Top five stuffed animals gifts for Valentine’s Day

The obvious one. In most cases this is a teddy bear hugging a big heart that says “I love you”. Simple, but also expected. It can’t really be a stand alone gift and will have to be a part of a larger gift. Unless of course it is a giant teddy bear. Then your love for your other half is pretty obvious.

The special one. Want to add a little extra touch to the ovbious gift? Some shops offer the option to personalize the message on the heart the stuffed animal holds. This is a good way to make a supposedly obvious gift into a special one. Getting a special edition teddy bear, like one from the Steiff special line, is also a nice idea if you know the recepient of the gift will appreciate it.

The unusual one. So far so good, but it is not enough for you. You want to break the mold. Then don’t go for teddy bears hugging hearts. Pick a stuffed animal that you know will touch your other half. Something you know they really, really like. Don’t make it a traditional Valentine’s Day gift. Make it a gift for your loved one.

The crazy one. Now if your loved one is not exactly run of the mill, then you may want to add a little extra punch to the unusual gift. So how about getting a giant stuffed animal? Or a talking, singing and dancing stuffed animal? Or some fantasy creature that shows just how crazy you both are.

Your own. If you want to combine the above points into one, it can be very simple. Just make your own stuffed animal. It can be crazy, wild, romantic, special. Whatever you like. You can be sure it will be properly appreciated.