Top five places to buy stuffed animals from

Top five places to buy stuffed animals from
Bought at the Frankfurt airport

Buying stuffed animals can be a more involving process than one thought. Especially if you like to choose the specific toy to add to your collection. What if you want to find great stuffed animals without too much hassle?

Or maybe you like to buy stuffed animals from more unusual places? Sometimes you never know what a great deal is lurking somewhere, right? So lets see

The top five places to buy stuffed animals from

The big toy store. It sounds kinda obvious. Big toy chains usually have a wide arrange of stuffed animals from various manufacturers. You can spend quite a lof ot time browsing through tons of stuffies. Bad part is you can spend a really long time and still keep coming through interesting stuffies that will want your attention.

At the Souvernir shop. Great if you travel and want to have something to remember the trip, a stuffed animal is a great choice. Usually they are dressed up or have some popular local accessories. You get both a nice souvenir and a great stuffed animal for your collection.

At the airport. The duty free shops can often have hidden gems in them. At Munich airport for example you can find some Steiff stuffies. There are Trudi stuffed animals at the Frankfurt airport. With the duty free, you might even get a tiny bit better deal. Plus the toy can again serve as a nice souvenir.

At a garage sale. Some people’s trash is other’s treasure. But don’t just go and get stuffed animals at any garage sale. There is a bit of a process.

Don’t neglect the small stores. Smaller stuffed animals manufacturers often can’t get into the big chains, yet they have some great stuffies to offer. And usually their prices are quite low. Plus you are helping a family buisiness make a living. So if you walk by a small toy store, pop inside. You never know what you will find.

Bonus – go online. Buying stuffed animals online is not really appealing to the true arctophile. Reason behind that is you can’t see and meet the toy beforehand. But sometimes there are a great deals that can only be found online. Or a certain manufacturer is not available in your region. So don’t underestimate the internet as a top place to buy stuffed animals from. Even if on occasion.