Top five Hello Kitty stuffed animals

hello-kitty-jumboHello Kitty stuffed animals are probably the best way to commemorate this popular character. Hello Kitty has been around for a very long time now. This year it is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

What better way to remember this occasion than getting a few Hello Kitty stuffed animals? We have selected our top five and we wish to share them with you.

But first just a couple of words about Hello Kiity. It is a fictional character produced by the Japanese company Saniro. Initially it was known as “the white kitten with no name”. Later she got the name Kitty White with the background that she was born in the suburbs of London on November 1st. She is five apples high and weighs three apples. Despite the recent debate that she’s not a cat, many people still and will always accept Hello Kitty as a cat and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The top five Hello Kitty stuffed animals

How to celebrage a big anniversary? With a really big toy of course. For example check this one out. It is a 22-inch tall jumbo plush Hello Kitty. Offered by Toys R Us, this one is made especially for the 40th Anniversary of the little white cat and it features all of the traditional details.

Top five Hello Kitty stuffed animals
Image credit: Toys R Us

Not big enough? Well then take a look at the next one. This is a 32-inch giant plush Hello Kitty. She wears a red and black houndstooth dress with red bloomers underneath and her iconic red bow. This one is as official as it gets as it is made by Saniro.

Image credit: Saniro

OK, maybe this one is a bit too big. But it is still cool. Here is another one from our Hello Kitty stuffed animals selection. It is again made by Saniro and it’s a little smaller coming in at 15 inches. In this case she’s wearing a pink leopard dress and a bow in the same pattern and color.

Image credit: Saniro

And now for something a little unsual. Like a Hello Kitty snowgirl. This one is quite smaller and is only 8 inches tall. It is made by Ty and comes from the Holiday collection for Christmas. It is handmade.

Image creidt: Ty

And the last choice is even more unusual. Take a look at the Hello Kitty Mermaid. It is again made by Ty but comes from the Beanie Babies collection. No, don’t worry, Beanie Babies are fine and not home to spider eggs. Instead they are home to love and fun.

Image credit: Ty

Well, those are your top five Hello Kitty stuffed animals. What are yours? Let us know.