Top 10 Disney stuffed animals

The Disney characters have been with us for years and years and we all still love them a lot. So it’s no surprise one would like to add some in their soft toy collections. We’ve chosen 10 great Disney stuffed animals that you’d probably want.

Granted, the term Disney stuffed animals might be a bit neither here, nor there as most of these characters share a lot of stuff with humans too and are living as such. But they are also animals… It messes with your head a bit. Nevermind, we’re rambling and we know why you are here. To see the

Top 10 Disney stuffed animals

We begin with the most popular of them all. The iconic Mickey Mouse. This one comes in medium size, so this means he’s 18-inches tall. He comes in the most classic Mickey look, ready to play.

Disney stuffed animals - Mickey MouseMickey also needs his friends. So you can pair him with Pluto for example. Pluto is 17 inches long stuffed with plastic pellets. He’s happy and looking for fun.

PlutoAnd here comes Minnie Mouse. She is 19 inches tall and also comes in one of her most classic looks. Minnie MouseWho’s also Mickey’s friend? Goofy of course. And he’s here. True to his… real counterpart, the stuffed Goofy is the tallest standing at 20 inches.

Goofy StuffedNext up in our top Disney stuffed animals selection is another icon. Donald Duck. He comes at 18 inches tall in his classic sailor outfit.

Donald Duck StuffedStaying with the classic theme we have something special here. Non other than Bambi. Coming at 14-inches lenght the stuffed Bambi is ideal for cuddling.

Bambi stuffed101 Dalmatians is one of Disney’s most popular stories. It would be quite difficult to get 101 toys of them though. So lets use one of the most famous one as an official representative of the whole bunch. Who else than Rolly.

Rolly from 101 DalmatiansUp for another classic? How about Cheshire from Disney’s version of Alice in Wonderland. Coming in at 20 inches Cheshire is great for cuddling too. And is quite happy all the time… We wonder why though.

Cheshire StuffedOk, time for the exception to the rule. Our next choice doesn’t quite fit the Disney stuffed animals theme for one good reason. He’s not really an animal. But he’s still so popular we thought we’d include him. Meet Woody from Toy Story.

WoodyAnd last, but not least in any way, something quite more modern. Also not exactly an animal, but not a human either. He’s actually a snowman and he comes from the movie Frozen. Yes, this is Olaf but not cold and snowy but actually very soft and great for cuddling.

Olaf FrozenWell those are our current favorite Disney stuffed animals. We’re sure you have yours. Who are they? Share with us in the comments or in our forum.