TOMY readies a new range of Hide and Squeak Eggs for Easter

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TOMY readies a new range of Hide and Squeak Eggs for EasterThe Christmas and New Year holidays are over and we’re already looking towards the next big one – Easter. TOMY is going to have something special for that.

TOMY is going to expand the Hide and Squeak line with new Eggs. It’s one of TOMY’s popular ranges, especially around Easter.

And this year the company plans to take full advantage of that. “The new Hide and Squeak range is designed and play-tested to last and evolve with children through key milestones. The collection encourages a variety of play patterns, including sound, stacking, matching, nesting and role play and each of the toys have features that are of benefit to babies as well as older toddlers as they grow and develop”, Alpesh Patel, vice president of global toy design at TOMY says in a release.

The new line will feature several new toys. It’s going to be suitable for babies and toddlers from 6 to 36 months. “We are delighted to announce the expansion of one of our most successful lines. Hide and Squeak Eggs have become a firm favourite amongst parents and children over the past 25 years and we hope that the new range will provide fantastic additions to the original and help babies and toddlers to develop and learn through key play milestones, all whilst having fun”, Helena Stacey, TOMY Toomies brand manager says.

The new toys make their ways to the stores starting from this month. They are a total of four new toys for the Hide and Squeak line.